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Season 7 Episode 07 and New Year Special shows are Live!

Xavier missed a good pair of shows, which both took place on the same night.  AngelDarkSong (Alex) took his seat and even provided some alcohol for the New Year’s Special so we could see 2013 in with a sparkle.  The main show, which ran as a normal 2 hour show, just about ran according to schedule, although Television Talk was dropped again due to lack of time.  The New Year show was lacking in order somewhat, though we did manage to cover some high and low points of 2012, as well as a lot of Final Fantasy talk early on.  2013 was even seen in at roughly the right time, too.  Go us!  Both shows starred TK as the voice in the booth, and Felis and AngelDarkSong on the screen (though we all sound in the same room on the audio podcast).  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
TK talked about the 2009 Disney film A Christmas Carol.
Felis covered some Borderlands 2 DLC.
AngelDarkSong gave us his views on Dishonoured and a quick mention of The Hobbit (HFR).

Television Talk:
There was no Television Talk this week due to time constraints.

Question of the Week:
What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


For Episode 07
Download the PodcastWatch the TubeCast

For the New Year Special
Download the PodcastWatch the TubeCast 

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