The Flash Player is BACK!

Finally, only 11 weeks after the season started properly, the way to bring back the best feature of the old version of the TigerTails Radio website has been discovered.  We can reinstate the Flash Player at long last.

The podcasts are held off-site at, and the nice people there provide a media player for the files stored on their site.  We’ve only just discovered this media player supports embedding in a form that our website host allows – Yey!  Okay, silly us for not discovering this sooner, but better late than never, right?

All previous podcast posts have been edited and the flash player added (or it might be HTML5, I have no idea, and nor do I care so long it works), so a couple of forced refreshes might be required to get them to display properly.  Each new podcast related post should have the player from the get-go.  Note:  I say should.  

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