Season 7 Episode 46 Podcast Uploaded

With the Xavier working on a late shift, a wild Hedgie appears out of the woodwork to take his seat (in more ways than one) for this week’s episode. The show starts with TK cursing at Google Hangout’s improvements to the Hangout Toolbox. This is how it all starts as things descend into the show that can quite easily described as “The Wrong Show” – one mention of boobs and it goes rapidly downhill from there. Rapidly. That said, with the tone set early on, things do improve and the cast even manage to do all the segments they’re meant to. TigerTails Radio: We’re 9, and this episode shows that up only too well.
Starring TK, Hedgie,and Felis.  Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Hedgie reviews Diablo III on PS3.
TK talks about Train Simulator 2014, and Mortal Kombat Legacy Series 2.

Television Talk:
There was no Television Talk this week.

There was no FelisStarter this week

Question of the Week:
This section is being retired until Season 8.


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