Season 7 Episode 49 Podcast Uploaded

That Monday feeling is certainly being felt, unless you’re Hedgie and have gone on holiday for a week to the home in which you grew up. Lucky him… Back in the studio, the cast have an AngelDarksong to help fill the void, and again he hides just off camera for those watching the TubeCast. As is typical for a Monday on which TK has had to work, he’s not in the best of moods to start with. On the plus side, he has a happy thing for Done and Dusted, so it’s not all bad.
Starring TK, Xavier, AngelDarkSong, and Felis. Backing music by Sanxion7.

For Done and Dusted:
Xavier reviews 2 Brothers, Tekken Revolution, and the demo of Puppeteer.
TK gives his first impressions of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix on PS3.

Television Talk:
Agents of Shield.

Boston Metaphysical Society Webcomic Mini-Series – by Madeleine Holly-Rosing
Citizens of Earth – by EdenIndustries

Question of the Week:
This section is being retired until Season 8.


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