Season 10 Episode 04 Podcast Uploaded

Well, the perfect run had to end at some point. This week things break. Mostly because Felis provides content which the cast are not prepared for, and they discover how hard it is to add content when the show is live already. For those watching the YouTube feed, there is a few minutes of silence as TK and Hedge forget to add the audio feed to one of the title cards, but this does get fixed in the end after the YouTube viewers of the live show shouted at him. All this and more on the TigerTails Radio Season 10 Christmas Special…
Starring TK, Hedgie, and Xavier – with bonus section from Felis.

Music played on today’s show:
Song 1
Wham! – Last Christmas

Song 2
Michael Bolton – White Christmas

Song 3
Backstreet Boys – Christmas Time

Song 4
New Kids On The Block – Merry, Merry Christmas

Song 5
RUN D.M.C – Christmas in Hollis

Song 6
Dolly Parton – We Three Kings

Song 7
Daryl Hall & John Oates – Jingle Bell Rock

Song 8
John Denver – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Song 9
Susan Boyle – Auld Lang Syne

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Trump’s bid for the White House under threat from electoral college
Jedi is not a religion, Charity Commission rules
Tweet with flashing images sent to epileptic writer
Meat and potato pie ‘sent into space’ from Wigan
Tanglewood gets funded!

Talking Points
DuckTales voice cast announced
Felis presents Some Guy In A Waistcoat’s Top Ten Boss Battles: Part One

For Done and Dusted:
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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