Season 11 Episode 41 Podcast/Download

We give a welcome return to the Shoutcast server in today’s episode, as a new Raspberry Pi comes in to lend some assistance in the streaming collection. Not that it captured the whole show, but Echo was working on it while TK pressed the normal show buttons. At some point, all the missing podcast episodes will be uploaded too. The Windows PC that was in command of the shoutcast side had been the victim of a critical failure, meaning it would no longer be able to broadcast anymore. Today’s show was a battle of the musical genres, as musics sent in from Jake Aldridge, Cosmik, and even Hedgie got airtime tonight! Quiplash and Split The Room were the Jackbox titles played this week.

TK, Xavier, and Echo.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – Hedge Haiden – It Never Rains Here In New York
Song 2 – TigerTailz – Pipped It, Popped It
Song 3 – Cosmik (Feat. Rhubarb the Bear) – Make America Great
You can download Make America Great by visiting Cosmik’s Patreon Page, where it’s been released for free – and why not consider signing up to the Patreon while you’re there for early access to his future music and other things!
Song 4 – Jake Aldridge – Gullible
You can visit Jake’s website, find out how to buy his music, and follow his socials by visiting – Gullible is available to purchase now!
Song 5 – NateWantsToBattle – Escape From The City

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
There was no Done and Dusted this week.


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