Season 11 Episode 42 Podcast/Download

It’s a bit of a party in the studio this week, as this is SHOW 900! Only 100 to go until the big 1000! This means balloons, party poppers, lights, and noisy blower things. And cake! Can TK and Echo be trusted with these things? Of course not! During the show there is a quick run down on the final tally of the TigerTails Radio Dogs Trust Gunge-a-thon from last November, a play of the highlights reel from the event, a play of some favourite songs from the season, all the usual segments, and even a pair of Quiplash games. A fully packed show. And there was cake. Can’t forget that.

TK, Xavier, and Echo – with bonus Hedgie at the end.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – Europe – The Final Countdown
Song 2 – From Ashes To New – Crazy
Song 3 – NateWantsToBattle – Fist Bump
Song 4 – Jake Aldridge – In The Clouds
You can visit Jake’s website, find out how to buy his music, and follow his socials by visiting – In The Clouds is available to purchase now!
Song 5 – Sir J – Lights, Camera, Action

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
Polar (Netflix) – reviewed by Xavier.


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