Season 12 Episode 22

As the lockdown continues, the show must go on. TK and Xavier are again joined by Echo from his remote studio in Studio E. This week we give brief mention of the lockdown before putting the world to right. Going mad this week with the Jackbox games, as 2 games of Trivia Murder Party happen, plus a game of Guesspionage for good measure. Not only that but there was also a bit of Jake Aldridge squeezed in for good measure.

TK, Xavier, and Echo.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – Theory of N – Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb-omb (OC Remix)
Song 2 – Sir NutS – Crimea River (OC Remix)
Song 3 – housethegrate – Walk On Water (OC Remix)
Song 4 – Jake Aldridge – The Underdog.
Click here to visit Jake Aldridge’s website and check out his latest single, Partners In Crime!

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
There was no Done and Dusted this week.

Watch the Episode:

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