Season 12 Episode 23

With the UK still in lockdown, it falls on TigerTails Radio to once again waste some time on a Monday evening. TK is joined by Xavier in the studio as normal with Echo dialling it in from his remote studio. In true fashion, the first portion of the show enjoys something note quite working right. To make up for it, we have a guest. Chase joins us all the way from the USofA, thus bringing an international flare to today’s show, and sharing doggo photos in Discord. A couple of rounds of Quiplash were enjoyed and there was even some Done and Dusted!

TK, Xavier, Echo, and Chase.

Songs Played:
Song 1 – Big Giant Circles, Zircon – Every Story Begins with a Name (OC Remix)
Song 2 – Sixto Sounds – Made in USA (OC Remix)
Song 3 – Snyderman – Chemical Reaction (OC Remix)
Song 4 – Eino Keskitalo – Miljoonamiehen muistelmat (OC Remix)

Backing music by Sanxion7.

Done and Dusted:
Chase reviews Scoob.

Watch the Episode:

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