Season 13 Episode 42

TK has a headache this week, and is not afraid to let everyone know. Thankfully it goes away during the show as the painkillers kick in, but he suffers at the start. He’s joined by Xavier and Hedgie as usual for another 90-ish minutes of fun and mayhem. Hedgie skirts on revealing some trade secrets from work, while Xavier is not happy at how close Christmas is. TK is just complaining about his head. Two JackBox games come out to play today, with a round of Quiplash being followed by The Wheel of Enormous Proportions. There was even time for some Done and Dusted, where TK got to put the PS5 through its paces a bit.

TK, Xavier, and Hedgie.

Music Played:
Cosmik and Rhubarb the Bear – Make America Great (Britain Again).

Done and Dusted:
Xavier talked about the animation Klaus.
The whole cast had a look at The Matrix Awakens – the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo on PS5.

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