Season 14 Episode 00

TK's view for Episode 00 of Season 14.

A new season begins with the traditional testing show. It’s been a while hasn’t it? TK is again hiding in his booth with all the buttons, while Hedgie and Xavier occupy the sofa once more. New for this season are the headset mics (expensive posh ones), green screen effects (goodbye plain wall), on-screen Discord chat, and a wealth of technical upgrades that have happened behind the scenes. With TK learning more each day, expect more upgrades to follow. In tonight’s show, the cast catch up on the last few months, some Jackbox is enjoyed, and Hedgie does a Done and Dusted segment. All while things mostly worked (with a few teething issues) and TK doing some firefighting on the fly. The featured image is TK’s view of the proceedings reasonably early into the night.

TK, Hedgie, Xavier, and Echo, for a while.

Music Played:
Jake Aldridge – Rather Be Me
Visit Jake’s website at and look out for the single releasing on August 12th.

Done and Dusted:
Hedgie reviews Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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